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About Us

Amara Lashes mission is to support, encourage and inspire all women from all walks of life.  We are here to make our customers feel fierce + confident!  We are so proud to work and collaborate with other women-owned businesses, in order to motivate and support one another in our business journeys.  Ask us about our PRO MUA discount today!  

Amara Lashes is a luxury lash brand created for the modern day woman, a boss running her business, mommy on the go, student, influencer or corporate professional who is in need of a beautiful, high quality lash to complete any makeup look!  Our lashes are easy to apply, lightweight + comfortable to wear all day.  All styles are 100% cruelty free, vegan lashes with no animal/mink hairs. Amara Lashes are perfect for the beauty who is fresh faced + off to a coffee date, or a glam queen primping for a work event or social function!  Amara Lashes can be worn up to 30 wears or more, and comes with a chic, sleek lash case that is easy to store away in your makeup bag- also perfect for travel! Our compact cases are recyclable, and can be used to store your favorite pieces of jewelry, hair accessories or beauty necessities, such as Q-tips!






Story time!

I launched Amara Lashes in September 2018, not only for my love of lashes (I've been wearing lashes for about 17 years), but to create a business for myself, doing something that I love, while taking care of the needs of my children.  At that time, my daughter was receiving speech and occupational therapy. I was working for a corporate company that was giving me a difficult time when requesting leave to take her to her appointments.  At times, I was told that my absence would be leave without pay. After completing my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, I took a giant leap of faith... and said goodbye to my corporate career in October 2018!




In 2019, when Kokeeta, celebrity makeup artist, and former lead makeup artist of the hit television show 'BLACKISH', emailed me back requesting for Amara Lashes to be mailed to Los Angeles, at ABC network, (after reviewing our samples) -- I was THRILLED!  This is one of the many opportunities that Amara Lashes has been apart of!  We are excited for our growing list of retail partnerships, beauty subscription box partnerships, and partnering with PRO makeup artists in Austin, Los Angeles, and Ontario, Canada!  It fills my heart with so much happiness seeing Amara Lashes on our customers everyday.  I am so inspired by you all! Thank you for supporting Amara Lashes!



Kristina Orido

Founder, CEO of Amara Lashes 



The name “AMARA” comes from Nigeria, it means “grace, mercy, and kindness” in the native Igbo language where my family is from.  My daughter's middle name is Amara.  My children Khloe and Nathaniel are my greatest accomplishments, I'm such a proud mom!  To my husband Gabriel, and my loving, supportive family-  I love you all!


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