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About Us

Amara Lashes mission is to support, encourage and inspire all women from all walks of life. We want to continue to collaborate with other women-owned businesses, in order to motivate one another in our business journeys. Ultimately, we would like to work with women within Amara Lashes remotely, in order to give them flexibility in the workplace. We want to create more job opportunities within Amara Lashes, and we are so excited to continue to grow and expand with your support!  "STYLE your beauty with luxury lashes that make a STATEMENT"!



Here we are, 3 years later and Amara Lashes continues to grow and expand nationwide!  Thank you for your support- posting on social media, liking our photos, sharing with friends, and sending encouraging words, your encouragement + prayers means so much!  The support has been wild, I'm incredibly thankful every single day!

I launched Amara Lashes back in 2018, not only for my love of luxury lashes (I've been wearing lashes for something like 16+ years, and it's the one beauty product that I can't live without) but to provide myself the ability to earn a living doing something that I love, while taking care of the needs of my children. At the time, my daughter Khloe was receiving speech and occupational therapy. My previous position did not give me the flexibility to care for my daughter's needs. It felt like a never ending battle, trying to request for time off, being told I would not get paid for time away from work, it was A LOT. It was frustrating, and I felt totally defeated. I launched Amara Lashes in September 2018, and said goodbye to my clinical career  a month later.. 



Fast forward to 2019, when the former lead makeup artist of the hit
television show 'BLACKISH' emailed me back requesting for more Amara Lashes to be mailed to Los Angeles at ABC network!  I knew at that moment that Amara Lashes was special, and there was no way that I was going to give up on this hard and tedious journey of entrepreneurship! This is only the beginning, never give up on your dreams!!!

XO Kristina 



The name “AMARA” comes from Nigeria, it means “grace, mercy, and kindness” in the native Igbo language where my family is from.  My daughter's middle name is Amara.  My children Khloe and Nathaniel are my greatest accomplishments, I'm such a proud mama!  A huge shout out to my husband Gabriel.. my biggest supporter in life. 


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