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We created Amara lashes for the modern day woman, boss babe, mommy on the go, student, influencer or corporate professional who is in need of a beautiful, high quality lash to complete any makeup look! Whether you are fresh faced + off to a coffee date, or primping for your next work event, Amara lashes has you covered!




100% cruelty + paraben free: during the seasonal change (moulting), hairs are collected, sanitized and harvested, with no added chemicals, or toxic ingredients making them safe for you and the environment!

handmade: our luxury lashes are natural mink lashes, incredibly comfortable, soft and easy to apply!

reusable: when lashes are stored properly in their case after each use, they can be worn up to 30+ times! Do you love to travel? Use your empty lash case for your favorite pieces of jewelry (earring studs, rings) or other miscellaneous items!



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Hello!  I’m Kristina - owner + founder of Amara Lashes!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Relax, grab a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) + take a look around at Amara Lashes!  I’m confident that you will find a lash style that catches your eye!  But first, a little bit about myself!

I was born in London, England + raised primarily in Europe!  My parents, Roland and Lovett travelled all over the world with my sister Simone and I (so thankful).  We have been everywhere- from Paris to Milan, Barcelona + Seoul (just to name a few).. my parents raised us to have a strong work ethic in order to achieve anything that we want to in this life!  Besides my love for travels, I have always had a love for the beauty industry + an obsession with effortless, simplistic style.  From my days at university into my adulthood- my fun, dramatic lashes have always been the topic of conversation.. I mean, I love lashes, it’s just my thing!  After obtaining my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Texas State University-San Marcos, TX, I decided to pursue my love of fashion in my early 20s.  As a former assistant wardrobe stylist for several years (and various jobs in between), I had the opportunity to learn about the beauty industry in depth, assisting on various photoshoots + working with beauty professionals in the city of Austin, TX. In 2008, I met my amazing husband Gabriel, got married, and entered into mom life!  My beautiful daughter Khloe definitely keeps me young and on my toes!  After I completed my MS in Clinical Psychology, creating the perfect lash line would be my next passion project!  So WILD.


From someone who is constantly testing out various beauty brands + bits in the industry, I have literally tried every lash out there, but was still searching for the perfect lashes…fluffy, full + light weight!  I wanted a lash that was comfortable, but sturdy enough to be worn all day!  Out of our lash styles, I hope that you find these lashes are all that and more. P.S. feel beautiful today!

Au revoir beauties,

XO Kristina

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The name “Amara” comes from Nigeria, it means “grace, mercy, + kindness” in the native Igbo language where my family is from.

Amara is my daughter’s middle name - Khloe Amara is my daily inspiration, the reason why my husband and I work as hard as we do! To all of the young girls out there (and boys) trying to find what their passion is, working hard towards their goals.. never, ever give up! Nothing is out of reach + the sky is the limit! Work hard, stay motivated and surround yourself with amazing, positive people who believe in you!